Flora & Fauna

Flora and fauna illustration 1

The Flora and Fauna Exhibit describes connections to the landscape through food systems, medicinal plants, and cultural and spiritual traditions.  Wrongful disruptions of food systems can have great impact on communities where health and well-being are collective.  This section describes changes to the food system in Ringwood, as the Ramapough have had to shift away from traditional foraged and hunted foods.  Drawings illustrate the biotransfer of contaminants in the food web.

It also focuses on more positive aspects of connection to the landscape, with richly illustrated depictions of medicinal plants and objects used in ceremony, as well as a discussion of the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm as a grounds for cultural restoration and food sovereignty.  Information about and quotes from a documentary film created in connection with this project, The Meaning of the Seed, are shared in a graphic spread. 

Project partner and archeologist Dr. Eric Johnson, Harvard University Postdoctoral Research Affiliate,  shares an illustrated essay about his research with the Ramapough on east coast ceremonial stone landscapes. And Dr. Chuck Stead shares a story and memory about The Root Drinker.

Flora and fauna illustration 2


Anita Bakshi, Anna Forsman