Meaning of the Seed Documentary Film

Meaning of the Seed documentary

The Meaning of the Seed is a documentary filmed in 2020 at the Munsee Three Sisters Medicinal Farm. The farm is an important part of the Ramapough’s efforts to work towards food sovereignty and cultural restoration.  Watch the full documentary below, or on our YouTube Channel. 

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“The meaning of the seed...The seed as it is seen by most is not alive, but to us Lunaapeewak (Munsee People) the seed is alive. 

When the time comes that the winds shift and we awake from our long sleep and storytelling time and as our Grandfather warms our Mother Earth we set about talking to our relatives and we begin to place those into the earth in our mother.... and as we nurture and sing to these seeds they begin to turn into the embryo, a being of the plant family.

Through further nurturing and singing and speaking they begin to get their roots and start their journey growing through their different stages of life.  Through all this time we continue to offer our prayers up to Kiishelemokweng (Our Creator) for this sacred gift, the gift of life and sustenance.

And as we journey together with our relative through all its stages of its life we are reminded of our own journeys from when we were just a seed as well...”

- Chief Vincent Mann 

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Meaning of the Seed Documentary Film