What Can You Do?

"You guys are the future. It's up to you guys to spread the word to the world because the young will listen to the young." - Wayne Mann 

This clip from the "Sunlight" section of the Meaning of the Seed documentary is a call to action.  What is your role?  How will you work to protect your land?  How will you take the lead? 

"There is this massive number of movements all in response to their particular regions and their particular dilemmas, but they're all doing the same thing. They're all dealing with truth and they're dealing with the idea of galvanizing their forces so they can have a citizen science response to the contamination and a good social response to the social unrest that's emerging within their communities." - Chuck Stead

Recent indigenous enironmental movements

Indigenous groups have actively been fighting against environmental injustices.  This matrix shows the events that set off four different movements, the tactics they utilized, and the result of their actions.

What actions will you take ? 

recent indigenous environmental movements

"There's many Superfund Sites. There's many other places where this has been done, but we have to become one. Every community, every town, every neighborhood where good and bad has happened. We all have to become one for the future. For, for the environment because there's no two planets. There's one." - Wayne Mann 

What Can You Do?